Revolutionizing supply chain automation for e-commerce and ERP

Challenges in traditional ERP Systems

Traditional ERP systems often need more comprehensive solutions, requiring significant time investment in data handling. ProcuChain offers an integrated automation solution for the entire Supply Chain, complementing your ERP system. ProcuChain can assist if you face challenges like:

Why choose ProcuChain?

Seamless integration

Connect effortlessly with your ERP or e-commerce platform, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or Xero.

Accurate sales forecasting

Predict your sales precisely using our AI-driven tools, considering factors like market growth, seasonality, and marketing campaigns.

Efficient stock management

Stay updated with real-time stock levels and get predictions for future stock requirements.

Streamlined supplier orders

Manage your supplier orders easily, ensuring timely stock replenishment.

Effective order management

Handle incoming orders efficiently, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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How does ProcuChain work?

AI Sales Forecast

Get insights into future sales.

Inventory Management

Keep track of your stock levels.

Supplier Orders

Place and manage orders with suppliers.

Confirmed Orders

Track and manage confirmed customer orders.

Goods Receipt

Ensure timely receipt of goods.

Payment to Supplier

Manage payments to suppliers seamlessly.

Business Cases

Real-world applications of ProcuChain

E-commerce inventory management

An online retailer struggled with overstocking and stockouts. With ProcuChain's AI Sales Forecast and Inventory Management, they optimized their inventory levels, reducing holding costs and increasing sales.

Supplier order efficiency

A manufacturing company faced delays due to inefficient supplier order processes. ProcuChain streamlined their supplier orders, ensuring timely stock replenishment and smoother production cycles.

Data-driven decision making

A business faced challenges in making informed decisions due to a lack of accurate sales forecasts. ProcuChain's AI-driven tools provided them with precise sales predictions, enabling them to make strategic decisions and optimize their operations.

Revolutionizing supply chain automation for e-commerce and ERP


What our users say

ProcuChain has transformed the way we manage our inventory. The AI-driven predictions are spot-on, helping us plan better and reduce wastage.
John Doe
E-commerce Business Owner

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